The Punkt . Project is a German-American art project taking an existentialistic stand on photography by depicting things as they are, trying to capture their essence. Modern western societies often favor the paradigm of finding an optimal (audio-visual) presentation of a conduit (be it an advertisement, a product or else) to facilitate the flow of ideas, even at the expense of crippling and distorting the actual messages. We proclaim that only by looking beyond the conduit can reveal real purpose and inner beauty.

The name Punkt . Project is a reference to the “:” typically used to separate the introduction to a statement from the actual statement. It separates the presentation from the actual meaning. A German proverb states that we have to decide, whether we continue with a capital or small letter after the “:”. It hints at the fundamental question in life, whether we are just a consequence of our upbringing or whether reinvent ourselves at some point, surpass the prologue, and finally take responsibility for our being in the world.

The Punkt . Project is an art project, open to everyone that would like to contribute. It was founded by William Frank Fox and Terence S. Jones.

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